I’ll count myself lucky if anybody who doesn’t already know me to a certain extent will ever read this, but for the sake of it, here goes. I’ll keep it brief.

My name is Jeremy Evans, Jez to my mates, and I am a Manchester United fan. I was born in Salford where my Dad recently recalled the European Cup Winners’ Cup being paraded near our house in 1991. As an innocent 2 year old at the time, I probably had no idea that this team and the sport that they play would become my life long obsession. It’s unfortunately far too late to change this now though. When at home, I now live in Sheffield (my family has moved more times than Nicolas Anelka has changed clubs), but the best part of my year is spent in Newcastle where I ‘study’ at Northumbria University. Much travelled then.

This blog is something I have been wanting to do for some time. Rather than bore those who do not care with endless football orientated status updates on facebook, I feel it’s best to post my thoughts and feelings here. Whether I actually stick to posting regularly is another matter altogether.

Whilst like any football fan out there, I will always be biased to a certain degree, I like to think of myself as someone who looks at football from a much wider angle, and hopefully that will come across in whatever I end up writing.

Enjoy (or not, it’s entirely up to you)


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